AASB Arizona Aircraft Storage Branch (1956-1965)
became MASDC
AEW&C Airborne Early Warning & Control
AMARC Aerospace Maintenance And Regeneration Center (1985-2007)
AMC Air Mobility Command (USAF)
AMI Aeronautica Militare Italiana (Italian Air Force - Italy)
ANG Air National Guard (US)
ASW Air-Sea Warfare / Anti-Submarine Warfare
c/n Construction Number
CAF Canadian Armed Forces (1968-present)
CTOL Conventional Take-Off and Landing
ECM Electronic Counter Measures
ELINT ELectronic INTelligence
FAA Federal Aviation Administration
FMS Foreign Military Sales (US 1982-present)
GPS Global Positioning System
HBR High Bypass Ratio (jet engine)
IIAF Imperial Iranian Air Force
JASDF Japanese Air Self Defense Force
JGSDF Japanese Ground Self Defense Force
JMSDF Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force
MAP Military Assistance Program (US 1954-1982)
became FMS
MDAP Military Defense Assistance Program (US 1949-1954)
became MAP
MASDC Military Aircraft Storage and Disposition Center (1965-1985)
became AMARC
MDAP Mutual Defense Acquisition Program
NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NEIAF Netherlands East Indies Air Force
RAF Royal Air Force
RAAF Royal Australian Air Force
RAN Royal Australian Navy
RCAF Royal Canadian Air Force (1919-1968)
RCN Royal Canadian Navy
RDAF Royal Danish Air Force
RMAF Royal Malaysian Air Force
RNZAF Royal New Zealand Air Force
RN Royal Navy
ROCA Republic of China Army (Taiwan)
RSAF Royal Saudi (Arabia) Air Force
RSiAF Republic of Singapore Air Force
s/n Serial Number
SAAF South African Air Force
SAC Strategic Air Command (USAF)
SAR Search And Rescue
STOL Short Take-Off and Landing
STOVL Short Take-Off and Vertical Landing
TNIAU Tentara Nasional Indonesia-Angkatan Udara
(Indonesian Republic Air Force)
u/c undercarriage
USAAC United States Army Air Corps. (1926-1941)
USAAF United States Army Air Force (1941-1947)
USAF United States Air Force (1947-present)
USCG United States Coast Guard
USMC United States Marine Corps.
USN United States Navy
VIP Very Important Person
VTOL Vertical Take-Off and Landing
VVIP Very Very Important Person (usually Royalty)

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