The Best Aircraft Serial Number Links
USAF / US Navy serial numbers
Everything you want to know about US serial numbers, including a vast database of all
known serial numbers up to the present day - USAF, US Army and US Navy. Top site by
Joe Baugher for checking individual aircraft histories.

British Military Aircraft
Serial numbers for Post-World War II RAF aircraft.

Canadian Military Aircraft
Serial numbers and histories for RCAF / CAF aircraft.

Australian / New Zealand Military Aircraft
Serial numbers and histories of all Australian and New Zealand military
aircraft. Excellent research site for military aircraft from "down-under".
Fantastic backgrounders on most of the worlds air forces, plus a quick reference database
for checking serial numbers.
Top website by Jos Stevens listing helicopter production, serial numbers and registrations.

Airbus / Boeing / Convair / Douglas
Registrations and c/n's to all of the above manufacturers. Excellent site and often updated
by Peter Riool.
Individual Aircraft History Links
Douglas DC-3 / C-47
The place to go for anything concerning this classic aircraft.
Everything you need to now about the Stinson L-5 Sentinel by James Gray.
All about the C-130 Hercules, thousands of photos and a production database.
Excellent site dealing with everything on the Orion.
Website on the McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II.
Fantastically detailed site on the CH-47 Chinook in US Army service.
Excellent site for F-16 Fighting Falcon data and pictures. Also contains data on the
F-22 Raptor and F-35 Lightning II.
A Selection of Top Aviation Websites
Top site for quick references, lists all known US aircraft companies, engine manufacturers
and aircraft types.
A vast database of Warbird types, histories and ownership both past and present.
Background information and specifications on many Warbird aircraft.

Aviation History & Photography
Q&A, photos, discussion forums and much more by Ruud Leeuw.
Great stories and background information on many propliners by Aad van der Voet.

The Aviation Zone
Top site for US "heavies." Detailed text and photos.
Detailed site concerning histories and discoveries of WWII wrecks in the Pacific region.
A fantastic selection of historical photographic collections with e-mail addresses
to many of the photographers.
An excellent site dealing with World War II aircraft crashes in The Netherlands and
North Sea.

Abandoned & Little-Known Airfields
An excellent site for old US military and civilian airfields by Paul Freeman.

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